To keep your car running properly, it's important to change the oil at regular intervals. Don't put off this important service. Your vehicle may seem like it's operating properly, but if you're driving with old, dirty motor oil, you risk damaging the engine. Fortunately, if you live in Pocatello, oil change service is nearby. Visit the Hirning Buick GMC Service Center for your next oil change and all maintenance and repair services.

When you bring your car to our service department for an oil change, our technicians will change the oil and the oil filter quickly. It doesn't matter whether you drive a Buick, GMC or a vehicle by another automaker. Our expert service technicians will take outstanding care of your vehicle.

Oil Filter & Oil Change Services in Pocatello

What happens during an oil change?

When you take your vehicle to Hirning Buick GMC for oil change services in Pocatello, our service technicians will drain the old oil from the engine and replenish it with new oil. They'll use the proper type of oil for your car. Additionally, they'll replace the oil filter, make sure the vehicle's fluids are at the right levels, check the tire air pressure and inspect the vehicle.

Why is it so important to change the oil?

Your engine works hard to keep your vehicle on the road. Inside the engine is an assortment of moving parts that must be constantly lubricated. Motor oil lubricates these parts, but as time goes by, the oil starts to break down and picks up dirt and other contaminants from the environment. When the oil gets dirty, it's unable to keep the engine lubricated the way it needs to be. Driving with old oil will eventually shorten the engine's life, and it can even damage the engine to the point where you'll need to replace it.

What's the best type of oil for my vehicle?

This depends on several factors, including what vehicle you drive, the type of climate you drive in and your car's age. You'll find the manufacturer's recommended type and grade of oil in your vehicle's owner's manual. If you have any questions, feel free to call us. We're glad to help.

Is an oil change expensive?

An oil change is affordable. The cost depends on the kind of oil your vehicle will use. There are three types of motor oil: synthetic, synthetic blend and conventional. Synthetic oil is the costliest, but it doesn't need to be changed as frequently as conventional oil. At Hirning Buick GMC, we provide money-saving discount coupons on oil changes and many other maintenance and repair services. Just check our website and find our latest service specials.

How can I schedule my oil change?

We make it easy to schedule your service appointment. Call the Hirning Buick GMC Service Center at 208-904-0410 and speak with one of our service representatives. Our use our website's Schedule Service form.

Hirning Buick GMC is located at 509 Yellowstone Ave. in Pocatello. We're here when you need us. Check our website for our service hours and directions. We look forward to seeing you!

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