Whether your vehicle's still riding on its original tires, or you've replaced them with a new set, you'll want to keep them from wearing prematurely. Bringing your car to the Hirning Buick GMC Service Center for tire rotation in Pocatello is essential to keep it driving safely. Tire rotation will provide you with the maximum tire life. The tires will wear evenly, your vehicle will handle better, and you'll save money.

You'll find the manufacturer's recommended tire rotation schedule in your owner's manual. A good rule of thumb is to rotate the tires every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. If you live in Pocatello, tire rotation is quick and easy when you visit Hirning Buick GMC. When our expert service technicians rotate your car's tires, they'll move them from front to back, from side to side, or a combination of both, depending on the make and model you drive.

Because different types of vehicles have different rotation patterns, it's important to rotate your car's tires according to the tire-rotation pattern appropriate for your car. This will extend the tires' life and help prevent sudden tire failure.

The front and rear tires have different jobs to do, and tires on a front-wheel-drive vehicle perform different tasks than tires on one with rear-wheel drive. If you drive a front-wheel-drive vehicle and fail to rotate the tires on a regular basis, the front tires will wear faster than the rear tires. This can cause your car to lose control when you're driving on wet, icy or other slippery road surfaces. When you take your vehicle to the Hirning Buick GMC Service Center for regular tire rotation, it will prevent the tires from developing a number of conditions, including cupping, which causes vibration and cabin noise.

There are three rotation patterns used by most vehicles: forward cross, x-pattern and rearward cross.

  • Forward cross: This pattern is used for front-wheel-drive vehicles. The front tires are moved back to the rear. Then the rear tires move to the front and switch sides.
  • X-pattern: This is another front-wheel-drive pattern. The front tires move to the rear, and the rear tires move to the front. Both sets of tires switch sides.
  • Rearward cross: This pattern is best for vehicles with rear- or all-wheel drive. The rear tires move to the front, and the front tires move to the rear and switch sides.
  • There are two patterns used exclusively for high-performance tires: front-to-back and side-to-side.

  • Front-to-back: This is used with directional tires. The front tires move to the rear, and the rear tires move to the front. Both sets of tires stay on the same side of the vehicle.
  • Side-to-side: If your car has non-directional tires of different sizes, they should be rotated using the side-to-side pattern. With this pattern, the left and right tires switch sides.
  • While it's possible to rotate your car's tires yourself, it's best to bring it to a service center like the Hirning Buick GMC Service Center. We'll rotate the tires, inspect them for wear, and reset the tire-pressure monitors. Call us to schedule your tire rotation today!


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