Pocatello Wheel Alignment

If you've ever driven over a curb or into a large pothole, it's more than an inconvenience. It can leave your vehicle with misaligned wheels. When this happens, your car will pull to the left or the right instead of straight. Not only is this a dangerous situation, but it also can cause your vehicle's tire treads to wear unevenly. The tires won't last as long. If you notice your car is pulling to one side, bring it to the experts over at the Hirning Buick GMC Service Center for wheel alignment service in Pocatello. Your vehicle will handle correctly, and you'll get longer life from the tires.

The term "wheel alignment" is somewhat confusing. The wheels don't actually go out of alignment. Instead, the suspension and steering systems have been jarred out of the angles necessary for proper operation. During a wheel alignment, the service technicians set the angles back to those specified by the vehicle's manufacturer. In Pocatello, wheel alignment is fast and easy when you visit the experts at Hirning Buick GMC. Your car will drive straight again.

Your car's owner's manual lists the manufacturer's recommendations for wheel alignment. A good rule of thumb is to have the wheels aligned after replacing the suspension or steering components, or after a severe event such as a collision

Wheel Alignment in Pocatello

The certified service technicians at the Hirning Buick GMC Service Center use cutting-edge equipment to measure and modify your car's suspension and steering mechanisms. You'll get a better ride, higher fuel economy, and tires that will wear evenly. Our expert service technicians will adjust the steering, the suspension, and the tire air pressure. They'll also inspect the tires.

If you believe your vehicle needs a wheel alignment, don't procrastinate. Bring it to the Hirning Buick GMC Service Center right away. A car that pulls to one side isn't safe to drive. If you continue to drive a vehicle with misaligned wheels, the tires can develop potentially dangerous conditions, including cup wear, one-side wear and feathering. You may also notice the steering wheel shaking vigorously.

While it's possible to align your car's wheels yourself, we don't recommend trying it. Most weekend mechanics don't have the tools or the experience necessary to reset the suspension back to the proper parameters. This is a job best left to professional service technicians. When you bring your car to the Hirning Buick GMC Service Center for a wheel alignment, your vehicle will be back on the road quickly and safely.

When it's time for wheel alignment service, call the Hirning Buick GMC Service Department to make an appointment. Or use our website's Schedule Service page and book your visit online. We're located at 509 Yellowstone Ave. in Pocatello, right off I-15. Our Service Center is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, to serve you. We have convenient operating hours. Check our website for our current hours and directions to our dealership.

We look forward to providing you with excellent service!

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